Demand for Polypropylene in India is met through domestic production and the remainder is exported to the international market. However, considerable amount of PP is also imported due to its high demand, economic viability and requirement of suitable grade.

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Demand has seen a healthy growth rate of 8.9 % from fiscal year 2011-12 to 2016-17 and trend will be in double digit over the period of 2016 to 2021.

RIL, HPL, HPCL (HMEL) and IOCL, MRPL, ONGC (OPAL), BCPL are the major producers of Polypropylene in India.

Asia-Pacific is the largest market for polypropylene, closely followed by Europe, and North America. In Asia-Pacific region major emerging economies such as China, India, and Japan are the major consuming markets for polypropylene. China is growing its polypropylene capacity at the fastest pace to meet its own buoyant domestic demand.

China is estimated to be the dominant manufacturer as well as consumer of polypropylene due to the easy availability of raw materials, cheap labour, and significant growth in packaging and automobile industries.

Global demand for polypropylene is forecasted to hit 90 Million Tons by 2020, global demand for polypropylene is expected to increase to 120 Million Tons by 2030 and the share of polypropylene in total polymer consumption is about 25% in 2018.

Polypropylene is consumed by a large number of small and medium sized manufacturers to make finished products. In recent years, manufacturing of finished polypropylene products have experienced a rapid growth and generated considerable wealth for investors and entrepreneurs. It remains one of the fastest growing sectors in India and around the world.

  •  Introduction to Global and Indian trends in PP production and demand
  •  Domestic installed capacity, production, import, export and demand
  •  Major PP Producers in India
  •  PP Company Wise Capacity in India
  •  Planned Projects and Capacity expansions
  •  The Indian PP market size and market share
  •  PP Demand by Sector and PP Demand Forecast
  •  Indian PP Installed Production Capacity and Forecast by Company
  •  Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  •  Industrial Manufacturing Process
  •  Applications and use in diverse sectors
  •  Polypropylene Prices in India by variants and grades - Injection Molding (H110MA), Raffia(H030SG), IPP Films(H100EY) and BOPP(H034SG)
  •  PP Trade in India - Indian PP Demand, Production, Imports/ Exports and Forecasts (2016-17 to 2021-22)
  •  Market Dynamics of Poly Propylene
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Chapter 1: Introduction
    •  Global Scenario
    •  Propylene
    •  Polypropylene
    •  Indian Scenario
    •  Propylene
    •  Polypropylene
    •  Indian Polypropylene market dynamics
  3. Chapter 2: Polypropylene supply in India
    •  Polypropylene Producers in India
    •  Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
    •  Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
    •  HMEL ( HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd)
    •  Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (HPL)
    •  Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited (BCPL)
    •  Polypropylene Supply (2011-16)
    •  Polypropylene Supply Forecast (2016-21)
  4. Chapter 3: Indian Polypropylene Market and Demand
    •  The Indian Polypropylene Market Size
    •  Polypropylene Demand by End-Use
    •  Polypropylene Demand Forecast
  5. Chapter 4: Indian Polypropylene Production Capacity
    •  Indian Polypropylene Installed Production Capacity and Forecast by Company
    •  Indian Polypropylene planned projects
    •  RIL Jamnagar expansion project
    •  OPal Project
    •  IOCL, Paradip cracker
    •  HPCL
    •  Polypropylene technology and production process
    •  Indian Polypropylene Industry market share
  6. Chapter 5: Polypropylene Prices in India
  7. Chapter 6: Polypropylene Trade in India
    •  Global Polypropylene Trade
    •  Indian Polypropylene Demand, Production, Imports and Exports
    •  Indian Polypropylene Forecasts (2016-21)
  8. Annexure
    1. RIL PP Grade
    2. HPL PP Grade
    3. IOCL PP Grade
    4. HMEL PP Grade
  9. List of Tables
    •  Table 1.1: Global Polymers consumption (PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, PET and PC) in 2016-17
    •  Table 1.2: Global PE, PP, PVC, Ethylene and Propylene demand (2014-2016)
    •  Table 1.3: Major Polypropylene projects planned around the world (2016-21)
    •  Table 1.4: Current and Projected Company-wise Propylene Capacity in India (2016-21, in KTPA)
    •  Table 2.1: RIL polymer production (PP, PE and PVC, FY 2015 and FY 2016)
    •  Table 2.2: Polypropylene Capacity, Production, Import, Export and Demand (KTPA, 2011-16)
    •  Table 2.3: Polypropylene Capacity, Production, Import, Export and Demand (KTPA, 2016-21)
    •  Table 3.1: Polypropylene End Use Consumption by sector (2014-15 and 2015-16)
    •  Table 3.2: PP Capacity, Production and Consumption forecast (2016-21)
    •  Table 4.1: PP current capacity and projected capacity addition by companies (2016-21)
    •  Table 4.2: Domestic PP Market Share (in KTA, 2015-16)
    •  Table 5.1: Polypropylene prices for Injection Molding grade (H110MA) in Rs/MT
    •  Table 5.2: Polypropylene prices for Raffia grade (H030SG) in Rs/MT
    •  Table 5.3: Polypropylene prices for BOPP (H034SG) in Rs/MT
    •  Table 6.1: PP capacity, production, demand, Imports and Exports (KTPA, 2011-16)
    •  Table 6.2: Polypropylene Demand, Production, Imports and Exports Forecast (KTPA, 2016-21)
  10. List of Figures
    •  Figure 1.1: Global Polymers consumption share in 2016-17
    •  Figure 1.2: Global Propylene and Polypropylene demand (2014-16, in MMT)
    •  Figure 1.3: Global Propylene Capacity, Demand and Operating Rates (2010-16, in MMT)
    •  Figure 1.4: Global Propylene Capacity Share by Company
    •  Figure 1.5: Global Polypropylene Capacity Share by Company
    •  Figure 1.6: Global Region-wise PP Capacity (2007, 2012 and 2016, in KT)
    •  Figure 1.7: Company-wise Propylene capacity in India and planned capacity additions (2016-2021)
    •  Figure 2.1: Polypropylene production and demand in India (2011-16, in KT)
    •  Figure 2.2: Polypropylene installed capacity growth in India
    •  Figure 2.3: Overall operating rate of Indian PP capacity
    •  Figure 2.4: Polypropylene production and demand in India (2016-21, in KT)
    •  Figure 3.1: Polypropylene End Use Consumption by Sector (2015-16)
    •  Figure 4.1: PP current capacity and projected capacity addition by companies (2016 & 2021)
    •  Figure 4.2: Domestic PP Market Share (in KTA, 2016-17)
    •  Figure 5.1: Grade-wise PP price in India for Injection Molding, Raffia and BOPP (Rs/MT)
    •  Figure 6.1: Global Polypropylene Exports by Region (2016, KT)
    •  Figure 6.2: Global Polypropylene Imports by Region (2016, KT)
    •  Figure 6.3: Polypropylene capacity and demand in India (2011-16, in KT)
    •  Figure 6.4: Indian Polypropylene Imports and Exports (KT, 2011-16)
    •  Figure 6.5: Polypropylene capacity and demand in India (KT, 2016-21)
    •  Figure 6.6: Indian Polypropylene Imports and Exports (KT, 2016-21)

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