Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory

Methanol Market Advisory Service (I-MAS) provides in-depth insight, analysis and forecasts for India's Petrochemical & chemical markets.

We deliver customized orientation and coverage of the domestic petrochemical and chemical scenario. Through product-specific solutions we deliver a cognizance for five key chemical groups and seven major polymer commodities. Clients receive near-term market intelligence and price discovery for their product of interest.

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Indianpetrochem has a strong base of Analysts that monitors the pulse of the Indian petrochemical market. With deep industry relations and personal contacts our Analysts collect data to analyze the ever fluctuating and volatile Indian chemical market to develope I-MAS. Indianpetrochem takes huge pride in being the only research group providing such customized solutions exclusively for the Indian chemicals market.

Our coverage includes:-

  • Chemicals
    •   Aromatics
    •   Methanol & derivatives
    •   Phenolic Ketones & Resins
    •   Fibre intermidiates
    •   Other key chemicals
  • Polymers
    •   Polypropylene
    •   Polyethylene
    •   PVC
    •   Polystyrene

Depending on chemical, content and client needs, the services may also provide fortnightly or monthly reports and/or price supplements, import/export data etc. Each of the service reports contains data & analysis covering near-term market fundamentals, including market prices, import/export scenario and supply and demand.

Subscribers to the monthly services also receive online access to our price and economics database and the yearly report.

  •   Market price information based on information collected by Indianpetrochem domain expert analysts from key market players.
  •   In-depth regional coverage and support service for the Indian market.
  •   24X7 access to our website and price database (historical and daily price data updated every day).

Our market advisories are critical information for:

  •   Producers of basic chemicals and intermediates, plastics and polymers, specialty and renewable chemicals: To inform planning, investment and production decisions
  •   Raw materials and packaging purchasers and manufacturers (converters) or end users buying finished products: To take accurate purchasing decisions
  •   Strategic planners and end users buying finished products: To evaluate chemical companies or specific market segments
  •   Financial analysts: To understand producer costs

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