Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory


Domestic DOP & DBP capacity in India is about 155KTA, which is sufficient to meet domestic consumption. But poor capacity utilization rate (about 43%) over the years has forced end users to import the chemicals. They come from a number of countries, primarily from Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.

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The imports of DOP have shown an increasing trend in absolute terms, as well as when compared to domestic production. Demand on the other hand has grown at a rate of about 2.9%. It is considered a very sensitive product and many nations have placed a ban on its use, especially on the use of pesticides and insecticides developed using DOP/DBP. Therefore their global consumption has declined drastically. In India, only HIL manufactures insecticides and pesticides based on DOP/DBP.

Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) is used as a plasticizer in PVC resins for fabricating, in order of importance, flexible vinyl products such as vinyl upholstery, tablecloths, showers, curtains, raincoats, shoes, garden hoses, swimming pools liners, polymeric coating, cable coating, components of paper & paperboard, defoaming agents and surface lubricants.

Indianpetrochem's DOP and DBP advisories are specially geared to add value to your business. We cover the market through our extensive network of contacts and we get you the very latest market sentiment. Our team is highly experienced and has proven skills in delivering high quality research. Rely on us to understand the sector better.

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