Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory


Reliance Industries Ltd. and Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd (GSFC) are the only manufacturers of Cyclohexane in India. GSFC is the market leader in terms of both production capacity and market capitalization. RIL on the other hand uses the product for captive consumption.

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The current capacity for Cyclohexane in India is around 148KTA but the market penetration of the product is only about 120KTA. The demand has inflated at a steady pace over the last few years, especially from the booming fibres industry.

A major portion of Cyclohexane is used in the manufacture of nylon fiber and nylon molding resin. It is also used for the manufacturing of Adipic acid and Hexamethylene Diamine, which is used for manufacture of Nylon 66, and Caprolactam, used for the manufacture of Nylon 6.

Understand the market in greater detail with our monthly advisories. We cover all the important parameters, including price fluctuations, equipment demand and details on planned capacity addition. Our team of experts and scouts is highly experienced and gets you in-depth access into the Indian Cyclohexane market.

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