Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory

Poly Propylene


PP prices exhibited an upward trend, driven by strong demand conditions, arising out of strong off-takes by the end-industries to feed in the steady manufacturing schedules. To compound to the situation, HMEL idled its PP plant for carrying out maintenance activities that created short-supply in markets, resulting in intensifying upward price movements.

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In the open markets in the country, prices of: PP (Raffia) was at around Rs 120-123/KG; PP(IM) was at around Rs 117.5-124/KG; PP(Film) was at around Rs 121.5-128/KG.

The upward movements in the prices were also caused by northward movement in the Asian region. In the South East Asian region, prices of the PP(IM) and PP (Film) materials were assessed at around $1,622/MT CFR and $1,582/MT CFR respectively.

The demand for the polymer is growing in the country approximately at6%. In 2013-14, 4,121 MT of PP was consumed in the country.

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