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Petrochemical prices are subject to volatility on account of interplay between demand and supply forces. This endemic volatility creates confusion among market players, and calls for a neutral and unbiased third party service provider for benchmarking prices.

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Indianpetrochem has deep contacts in the industry and utilizes proprietary research techniques. We not only collect ex-work prices, market prices and international prices in real time, but also distil concerns over any deviation from actual prices.

Our market reporters report prices after consultation with sellers, buyers and importers, and take utmost care to report only authentic prices. Prices on hearsay or without confirmation are never published.

Additionally, we enable the viewing of historical price graphs, and our automated ex-work price calculator references producer prices in terms of quantities, discounts and taxes.


The price database covers the entire spectrum of price categories, comprising of:

  •   Ex-Work Prices
  •   Market Prices
  •   International Prices
  •   Offers
  •   Port Prices

Who will benefit?

The exhaustive price database will immensely benefit traders, buyers, producers, importers and any other market participant by enabling them to negotiate better and take prudent business decisions.

Products Covered

  •   Commodity Polymers
  •   HDPE
  •   LDPE
  •   LLDPE
  •   PP
  •   PVC
  •   GPPS
  •   HIPS
  •   EVA
  •   Engineering Polymers
  •   ABS
  •   SAN
  •   PET
  •   PC
  •   PMMA
  •   PA6
  •   PA66
  •   POM
  •   PBT
  •   Petrochemical Feedstock
  •   Crude Oil
  •   Ethylene
  •   Propylene
  •   Styrene
  •   EDC
  •   VCM
  •   Butadiene

Our price database provides a 360 degree perspective of Indian petrochemical markets.

Your subscription will include:

  •   Website access to daily and historical pricing data
  •   End-of-the-day e-mail containing comprehensive pricing data
  •   News & Analysis
  •   Bulletin Alerts
  •   Daily SMS and WhatsApp alerts
  •   Limited analyst support
  •   Tailor made access

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