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Monthly Advisory


India's current Methanol production capacity is less than one-third of the country's total demand. The market is largely dependent on imports coming in from the Middle Eastern countries, which account for more than 75% of the Methanol coming into India.

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Due to its heavy reliance on imports, domestic Methanol prices are directly affected by variations in the international market. In India, the chemical is mostly produced from natural gas. Its production depends significantly on the price differential between methanol and natural gas.

Methanol's yield utilization rate has been quite volatile and was recorded as 61% for the year 2013, while it was just 51% for the previous year. Investment opportunity exists for a capacity of over a million tons in India. Methanol is one of the major chemicals traded in Indian market.

The main consumers of the chemical are the Formaldehyde industry, Acetic acid industry, Methyl amine producers and Chloromethane producers. Apart from these industries Methanol is also consumed by MTBE, DMT and the Pharma industries.

Rely on our deep industry expertise for unbiased insight into the Methanol market. Our team brings together experienced professionals with extensive industry contacts across all levels â€â€Å" from manufacturing and supply to purchasing and policy decisions. Our expert analysis of market dynamics will help you understand the sector better.

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