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The Indian Formaldehyde market is dominated by domestic production. Price volatility is a regular feature in the market and Investment opportunity exists for a capacity of over 3 million tons. The chemical is mostly produced from the Silver Catalyst process, while production from metal oxides is also gaining ground.

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There is surplus supply in the domestic market, even at yielding rates ranging between 60-65%. Indian exports of Formaldehyde have grown at a CAGR of about 12%. It is the only chemical market where demand and production have increased at an identical rate of 5%.

Due to its relatively low cost, high purity, and variety of chemical reactions, Formaldehyde has become one of the most important industrial and research chemicals. It is often referred to as the simplest and most commercially important Aldehyde.

Delve deeper into the Indian Formaldehyde market with our expert analysis. We bring you latest updates on not just price trends and market sentiment, but also on policy developments and anticipated changes. Our research is highly structured and gives you an excellent window into Formaldehyde's market complexities.

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