Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory

Iso-propyl Alcohol

The Iso-propyl alchohol (IPA) market has boomed in the last four years. The output rate has been phenomenal (close to 100%) and current capacity stands at about 70KTA. However, demand has accelerated to more than 100KTA. Therefore, end users have to depend on imports.

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Imports range between 40KTA to 50KTA, with the USA, Netherlands and Taiwan being the major source countries. Imports are only expected to increase as domestic capacity addition in production is highly unlikely.

Iso-propanol and N-propanol are majorly employed as a solvent and act as a precursor for manufacturing other chemicals. The solvent industry is the largest consumer of Iso-propanol, consuming more than half of the total global consumption.

Iso-propanol is used for different applications, including as a solvent, for cleaning and for medical products. It is also found in antifreeze, hand lotions, water treatment products, car care products and cosmetics. Our team of analysts and industry experts bring you regular updates on the Iso-propanol market, based on deep understanding of the market's dynamics and driving forces. Through our extensive network of industry contacts we are the first to report on developments that affect your business. Rely on us for exclusive market intelligence.

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