Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory


Monthly domestic demand for Cyclohexanone ranges between 10-15,000 metric tons. The figure fluctuates during the monsoon and winters, and reaches a low during the summers. GSFC is the only manufacturer of Cyclohexanone in India. The current nameplate capacity is around 235 metric tons per day.

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Since the local production capacity is not enough to meet domestic demand, imports have gained increasing significance. Today, India imports between 6,000-10,000 metric tonnes of Cyclohexanone per month. These figures were relatively low earlier. With no capacity expansions planned in the near future, imports will start dominating the domestic market.

Cyclohexanone is produced for use as raw material for the production of precursors to Nylon-6 and Nylon-66. Other important applications are as a cleaning agent and as a solvent in the production of pesticides, magnetic tapes and paints.

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