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Indianpetrochem's chemicals price database provides focused, real-time and authenticated price updates of the Indian chemical market.

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We cover pricing trends in all major trading regions of the country by collecting and analyzing trading data obtained from commodity producers, consumers, transporters, processors, storage facilities, traders and brokers, among others.

Chemical prices in India are determined through the complex interplay of forces. The market is dominated by big as well as very small players, and the lack of domestic production is an important factor.

Our scouts and journalists pick up prices for a wide range of chemicals from every trading hub to provide real time price movements. Our daily prices can act as benchmarks for our clients while making purchase decisions.

Our coverage includes:

  •   Producer prices (ex-factory)
  •   Import prices (CIF)
  •   Offered Prices
  •   International Prices
  •   Feedstock Prices
  •   Bulk prices and,
  •   Drum prices across India.

Price database coverage is available for the following chemicals:

  •   Acetic Acid
  •   Acetone
  •   Acetonitrile
  •   Acrylonitirile
  •   Aniline
  •   Benzene
  •   Cyclohexane
  •   Cyclohexanone
  •   C9 Solvent
  •   DOP
  •   DBP
  •   Formaldehyde
  •   Methanol
  •   MEK
  •   MIBK
  •   MMA
  •   Ethyl Acetate
  •   Mix xylene
  •   MEG
  •   n-Butanol
  •   Ortho Xylene
  •   IPA
  •   Phenol
  •   Phthalic Anhydride
  •   PTA
  •   Styrene Monomer
  •   Toluene
  •   VAM

Our price database provides a 360 degree perspective of Indian chemical markets.

Your subscription will include:

  •   Website access to daily and historical pricing data
  •   End-of-the-day e-mail containing comprehensive pricing data
  •   News & Analysis
  •   Bulletin Alerts
  •   Daily SMS and WhatsApp alerts
  •   Limited analyst support
  •   Tailor made access

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