Monthly Advisory

Monthly Advisory


Acrylonitrile's market has not witnessed any significant growth in demand over the last decade. Demand has been steady at over 1MMTPA, as compared to the domestic output of just 37KTA during 2013-14, even though domestic production rates have been historically close to 100%.

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Due to a heavy mismatch in the demand and supply of acrylonitrile, the country depends heavily on imports to run industries such as ABS and SAN, which use acrylonitrile as feedstock. However there has been negative growth for both imports and exports due to sluggish demand for the vehicle.

Acrylic fibre is the most important use of acrylonitrile in Asia-Pacific, the region being the largest producer of fibres and textiles in the world. The demand for acrylonitrile therefore rises with the onset of winters and it has a high demand throughout winters in India.

To gain deeper understanding of the product, refer to our experienced team of analysts. We utilize our strong contacts in the industry to bring together comprehensive updates on a regular basis. Be it price forecasts, equipment demand or capacity utilization, our team delivers unparalleled insight to add value to your business.

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