Phenol is an aromatic organic compound which is primarily produced by cumene oxidation. The major use of phenol, consuming two thirds of its production, involves its conversion to precursors of plastics.

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The demand for phenol in the domestic market has been growing every year to cater to the rapidly emerging industries based on phenolic applications. Production however has not kept pace with the growing demand and this mandated procurement of huge amounts of imports to satiate domestic demand. The country is therefore dependent on imports to meet 70% of its domestic phenol demand.

The demand for phenol in India is primarily fuelled by the growth in PF resin manufacture, which has recorded growth rates of approximately 10% in the last few years. Manufacture of agro chemicals, alkyl phenols and its use in the pharmaceutical industry are notable growth drivers of phenol in the domestic market.

There have been no capacity additions for phenol in the past few years, with only two manufacturers -- Hindustan Organics and SI Group -- to cater to domestic demand. Domestic production, buffeted by anti-dumping duties levied by the Government of India on imports of phenol from Japan, Thailand, China, EU, Singapore, South Africa, USA and South Korea, has been rising steadily. The current domestic demand scenario is fraught with end users struggling to secure their supplies of phenol from countries sheltered from anti-dumping duties.

Global demand for phenol is 8.5 million tonnes per annum. The demand for phenol and its end products are rising in the global market, fuelling the demand for phenol and the primary cause of its growth. Asia is expected to dominate the global market for acetone and bisphenol-A, which use phenol as the primary feedstock. Together acetone and bisphenol-A account for 70 % of the total use of phenol in the global market.

Highlights of the Report

  •  Domestic installed capacity, production and demand
  •  Key Manufacturers in India
  •  Domestic Market Share and Trends
  •  Region-wise Demand Distribution
  •  Month-wise Import Quantities
  •  Month-wise Export Quantities
  •  Country-wise Share of Imports
  •  Port-wise Share of Imports
  •  Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
  •  CIF Pricing
  •  Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  •  Industrial Manufacturing Process
  •  Application and Use in Diverse Sectors
  •  Global Market highlights
  •  Health Impacts
  •  Chemical and Physical Properties
  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Chemical and Physical Properties
    2. Application and Use
    3. Health Impacts
    4. Industrial Manufacturing Process
    5. Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  2. Chapter 2: Indian Scenario
    1. Production and Demand
    2. Region-wise Demand Distribution
    3. Key Producers in India
    4. Market Share and Trends
    5. Import and Exports
      1. Month-wise Import Quantities
      2. Month-wise Export Quantities
      3. Country-wise Share of Imports
      4. Port-wise Share of Imports
    6. Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
    7. Pricing in India
      1. CIF Pricing
  3. Chapter 3: Global scenario

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