Ortho Xylene

Ortho-xylene is the second largest of the three commercial isomers of xylene. Orthoxylene is the most preferred solvent in the aromatics range due to its narrow distillation range, relatively low volatility, and high solvency. Majority of ortho-xylene consumption is dedicated for phthalic anhydride (PAN) production.The major use for PAN is in the manufacture of phthalate plasticisers used in the compounding of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins and unsaturated polyesters resins (UPRs) used in glass-reinforced thermoset engineering applications and alkyd resins used mainly for surface coatings.One of the major developing applications of OX is in the production polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) polymer, which is used in the packaging industry where a tougher material than PET is mandated. PEN is expected to increase OX demand in India in the future since it is still in its emerging stage.

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Orthoxylene has witnessed modest capacity additions in India, as a significant amount of production is exported due to a surplus domestic production. Reliance Industries Limited is the only producer of orthoxylene in India and it is produced in the refinery integrated complex at Jamnagar, Gujarat. Fluctuations in international demand have a proportionate impact on the fortunes of the domestic industry. Demand has recorded mild variations every year due to fluctuations in the demand for its end products. The market of orthoxylene is growing at about 6.0 % percent annually from the fiscal year 2008-09 to 2017-18; as government thrust on initiatives like Make In India, the consumption of Orthoxylene is expected to rise going forward at an annual rate of 8.1% over the period of 2016-21. The primary end products of OX find applications in the housing, construction, and related industries. These industries are sensitive to the GDP and fast growth of the country will boost the demand-supply scenario in near future.

Globally, Technological Advancement, rising demand in nations are the prime growth drivers of global Ortho Xylene market. Global manufacturing of orthoxylene coupled with integrated supply chain and access to feedstock are the key strengths of companies involved in the orthoxylene market. However, favorable government regulations supporting bio-based chemicals in agriculture are expected to hamper the market demand. Asia-Pacific is expected to be fastest growing regional segment due to rapidly growing demand and consumption of products using Ortho Xylene in the region especially in major economies like India and China.

Highlights of the Report

  •  Domestic installed capacity, production and demand
  •  Key Manufacturers in India
  •  Domestic Market Share and Trends
  •  Region-wise Demand Distribution
  •  Month-wise Import Quantities
  •  Month-wise Export Quantities
  •  Country-wise Share of Imports
  •  Port-wise Share of Imports
  •  Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
  •  CIF Pricing
  •  Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  •  Industrial Manufacturing Process
  •  Application and Use in Diverse Sectors
  •  Global Market highlights
  •  Health Impacts
  •  Chemical and Physical Properties
  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Chemical and Physical Properties
    2. Application and Use
    3. Health Impacts
    4. Industrial Manufacturing Process
    5. Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  2. Chapter 2: Indian Scenario
    1. Production and Demand
    2. Region-wise Demand Distribution
    3. Key Producers in India
    4. Market Share and Trends
    5. Import and Exports
      1. Month-wise Import Quantities
      2. Month-wise Export Quantities
      3. Country-wise Share of Imports
      4. Port-wise Share of Imports
    6. Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
    7. Pricing in India
      1. CIF Pricing
  3. Chapter 3: Global scenario

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