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N-butanol is used as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals and as a gradient in formulated products such as cosmetics. Majority of the domestic demand for n-butanol is met through imports, making the domestic market vulnerable to fluctuations in the international market. This also has a direct impact on the domestic prices since the domestic market is import driven. Presently, there are three major domestic producers of n-butanol, namely: NOCIL, Somaiya Limited and Andhra Petro. Of the three leading producers, Andhrapetro has the maximum market share followed by Somaiya Organic Limited. The product quality of NOCIL and Somaiya is very close to international specifications. The domestic consumption of Butanol is going to increase significantly as it is now also seen as an alternative to gasoline.

Domestic production suffered a major blow when Oswal Petro Chemicals and Kolhapur Sugar Mills Limited ceased production and the remaining producers were faced with the task of catering to domestic demand. Demand has slowed down since last year as production fell necessitating procurement of greater import quantities.

In the global front, China has recently begun to consume about the same amount of butanol as Western Europe and North America taken together. However, Singapore has taken the spot as the leading exporter of n-butanol which was earlier held by China.

Highlights of the Report

  •  Domestic installed capacity, production and demand
  •  Key Manufacturers in India
  •  Domestic Market Share and Trends
  •  Region-wise Demand Distribution
  •  Month-wise Import Quantities
  •  Month-wise Export Quantities
  •  Country-wise Share of Imports
  •  Port-wise Share of Imports
  •  Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
  •  CIF Pricing
  •  Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  •  Industrial Manufacturing Process
  •  Application and Use in Diverse Sectors
  •  Global Market highlights
  •  Health Impacts
  •  Chemical and Physical Properties
  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Chemical and Physical Properties
    2. Application and Use
    3. Health Impacts
    4. Industrial Manufacturing Process
    5. Prominent Production Technology Licensors
  2. Chapter 2: Indian Scenario
    1. Production and Demand
    2. Region-wise Demand Distribution
    3. Key Producers in India
    4. Market Share and Trends
    5. Import and Exports
      1. Month-wise Import Quantities
      2. Month-wise Export Quantities
      3. Country-wise Share of Imports
      4. Port-wise Share of Imports
    6. Major End Users, Traders and Distributors
    7. Pricing in India
      1. CIF Pricing
  3. Chapter 3: Global scenario

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